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Safety For Healthcare Workers

SmartSecure is designed to support your facility and give staff and patients a more personalized and safer experience. Continuous monitoring and utilization of analytics provides the opportunity to improve patient care and shape the future of healthcare- all in real time.

Reliable Privacy Across The Facility

  • Monitor safety of vulnerable patients without compromising privacy
  • Advanced encryption for all traffic in transit and at rest
  • Health monitoring across the entire solution ensures reliability
  • Record locally to on-board storage, to local servers, and to the cloud

Improve Patient Care

  • Analytics provide advanced privacy in security
  • Utilize two-way communication remotely between patient and staff
  • Monitor patients remotely from nursing station
  • Cough detection alerts nurses to possible health issues while remote

Safety & Security As A Top Priority

  • Identify suspicious behavior, such as drug or supply theft
  • Control access to designated areas
  • Recognize aggressive behavior through use of audio analytics
  • Continuously monitor all areas of the hospital and healthcare facility

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