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Physical Security Partner In Business

SmartSecure is designed to support single or multi-site clubs to ensure your staff & the customer a more personalized & safer experience. Continuous monitoring & utilization of analytics provides the opportunity to increase revenues & shape the future of your club all in real time.

Improved Experience

  • Use demographics data to feed digital signage & announcements
  • Digital audio integrations provide ambiance, announcements, & more
  • Increase customer satisfaction through real time response to customers
  • Ensure proper staffing – compare stats across locations & time

Foster A Safe Environment

  • Prevent & detect break-ins, thefts, or violent crimes
  • Avoid false slip/fall litigation
  • Reduce investigation time – search & upload recordings of any incident
  • Track customer movement & shopping behavior to maximize revenue

Intelligent Security Provides Value

  • Detect tail-gating for after-hours access
  • Continuously monitor all areas – floor, entrances, exits & parking
  • Video monitoring services provide after-hour safety
  • Spot aggressive behavior – use of sound & video to send for assistance

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