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The Next Generation Of Safe Schools

SmartSecure is designed to address the complex problems that school campuses face in the modern world. The cloud platform is designed to converge cameras, access control, audio, speakers, sensors and analytics into a single environment to foster safe schools.

Insight From AI & Analytics

  • Aggression detection audio analytics alerts staff to escalating conflicts
  • Crowd detection analytics identify gathering crowds
  • Gunshot detection automatically streams video to alarm dispatch centers
  • All analytics can trigger smart speakers to play an audible deterrent

Open Technology Fuels Innovation

  • One-touch lock down on access control systems stop or slow intruders
  • Door stations and intercoms can be integrated in with campus phones
  • Smart speakers can integrate into bell systems and more
  • Standards based devices save schools from dangerous vendor lock-in

The Cloud Eliminates The Headache

  • Eliminate server management and automate with the cloud
  • Convenient web and mobile applications provide access from any device
  • Advanced permissions allow only the right access from the right staff
  • Single pane of glass eliminates reliance on VPN for multi-site viewing

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