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Construction Solutions

Secure Remote Monitoring

Surveillance can be deployed to protect high-asset values and safely store security footage in the cloud. Traditional servers and NVRs are simply not built to withstand the tough environments of job-sites. SmartSecure provides construction organizations with reliable and effective ways to protect a jobsite.

Security Anywhere

Many job sites could benefit from surveillance or access control well before power or internet connectivity is in place. YourSix specializes in providing a seamless and enterprise-class solution that can be deployed anywhere. From solar-power and LTE or satellite-based connectivity, YourSix solutions “beat-the-box” by eliminating servers.

Not Toying Around

Competitors often pitch on very low-quality and non-commercial grade solutions for job-site security. While these solutions may work for some homes, they are not reliable enough to protect high-value commercial assets or protect a business from liability claims and lawsuits.

Operational Efficiencies

Cloud surveillance is not only leveraged for job site security but is also an immense tool for managing multiple job-sites from a single-pane of glass. Project managers and leadership can check in on any job-site at any time; all through a single pane of glass.

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