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Branch Performance – Risk Mitigation – Fraud Avoidance – Mobile Alerts

Physical Security Partner In Business

SmartSecure is designed to mitigate and minimize both internal and external threats across branch locations and ATMs, strengthening the institution’s overall security protocol. Continuous live stream monitoring, securing access points, along with the utilization of analytics ensures the assets entrusted to you are protected — and your customer’s and employee’s safety remains a top priority.

Minimize Vulnerabilities

  • Unified security management of all your branches from a single centralized platform ensures all locations are consistently secure
  • Detect movement in restricted areas and send an alert when fraudulent activity is suspected, in real time
  • Event triggered announcements used to deter or stop crime 24/7

Manage With Ease

  • View and manage your security across multiple locations from a single platform on any device
  • No NVRs, DVRs or VPN’s required – one click cameras for connectivity to the cloud
  • Built in Health Monitoring alerts ensure you are always secure and reduces time spent on system audits
  • Automatic software and firmware updates maximizing your security

Safety & Security As A Top Priority

  • High-resolution images help you monitor all areas of your branches, entrances, exits, drive thru, ATMs and parking lot
  • Fast track investigation time with the ability to search, upload and share recordings of any incident from any location
  • Grant, restrict and track access to designated areas
  • Proactive video monitoring services dispatch law enforcement when aggression or gunshots are detected

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