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Cloud Audio & Intercoms


Cloud based audio is a core component to providing proactive security measures along with advanced cloud capabilities for leveraging audio components for other business means when not needed for security. Smart speakers can stream music or white-noise through a facility until a smart-camera or access control system signals the smart-speaker to invoke a security response. Leveraging the same speaker systems eases management and provides a much lower total cost of ownership versus buying disparate audio systems.

Audio as a Deterrent – Perfect Pair for Video Monitoring

When a smart camera analytic senses a trespass or other anomaly, video monitoring agents can “talk-down” through cloud-connected speakers for deterring a crime in progress. Exhibiting audio talk-downs is one of the most proven methods that YourSix deploys for stopping a crime in progress while police are dispatched. IP speakers are often installed near the location of cameras to help ensure a clear facial image is captured of suspects. A loud audio talk-down from a live security operator inevitably causes suspects to look in the direction of the source of the audio.

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