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Cloud Access Control


Access control systems greatly benefit by leveraging the cloud to replace traditional access control servers. Eliminate the cost and complexity of premise-based access control servers by migrating to the cloud. Server upgrades, backups, and maintenance are eliminated by automation via the YourSixOS cloud.

  • Policies set for all locations via a single pane of glass
  • Enterprise class controls and policies.
  • Highly available cloud environment provides reliable controls.
  • Automated security patching from the cloud to each controller.
  • Android and iPhone mobile app for access control on the go.
  • Access control requests still process when internet is down.
  • Wide variety of access control methods
  • Support for fobs, pin codes, biometrics, and mobile devices.
  • Dual-factor authentication support

Ease Operations

Operational efficiencies are realized by having a single secure remote place for management of all building and property access policies. These operational efficiencies are further amplified when clients are managing access control for multiple locations. All staff across all facilities and all entry points can be managed from a single pane of glass.

Adding new users to access control systems are done through a single simple cloud interface for all locations. No need for having to provision multiple systems or have to provide staff with multiple fobs. Changes to access control policies are more accurate and reduce the risk of oversight by eliminating the need to manage multiple systems. Quickly and efficiently add, change, and remove access to facilities by leveraging the YourSixOS cloud.

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