Transportation PSaaS Solutions

The YourSixOS true cloud solution supports Public Transportation by ensuring staff and passenger safety while protecting public assets from vandalism and supplying key insights into passenger services. Monitor all transportation assets including depots, rail yards, stations, vehicles, and infrastructure from a single cloud platform.​

Public Transportation REQUIRES physical security solutions on many different levels to ensure the safety of all staff, passengers, and assets. The YourSix solution is a simple, redundant, scalable, and secure platform that provides security and analytics at all levels.

Top Priority = Safety & Security

  • Identify suspicious behavior and take the initiative in real-time​
  • Continuously monitor all areas including stations and vehicles in transit from one dashboard
  • Control access to designated areas​
  • Use audio and video to send for assistance when aggressive behavior is detected

Protecting Assets

  • Prevent, deter, and detect vandalism in real-time
  • Protect carrier from unwarranted Liability

Optimize Rider Experience

  • Create a safe and welcoming environment whether in transit or at stops
  • Optimize routes based on traffic conditions
  • Increase routes based on the number of riders

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