Fitness & Gyms PSaaS Solutions

The YourSixOS pure cloud solution supports Gym and Fitness Centers to ensure the protection of customers, staff, and equipment while gaining valuable insight. The convergence of Cloud monitoring, integrated access control, and utilization of analytics provides a safe environment with the opportunity to increase revenue and customer experience.​

​Safety and the cost of equipment make a physical security solution a REQUIREMENT in gyms. The YourSix solution is a simple, redundant, scalable, and secure platform that provides protection for your investment while delivering the best experience for your customers.

Improved Experience

  • Use demographics data to feed digital signage & announcements
  • Digital audio integrations provide ambiance, announcements, & more
  • Increase customer satisfaction through real-time response to customers
  • Ensure proper staffing – compare stats across locations & time

Foster a Safe Environment

  • Prevent & detect break-ins, thefts, or violent crimes
  • Avoid false slip/fall litigation
  • Reduce investigation time – search & upload recordings of any incident
  • Track customer movement & behavior to maximize revenue

Intelligent Security Provides Value

  • Detect tail-gating for after-hours access
  • Continuously monitor all areas – floor, entrances, exits & parking
  • Video monitoring services provide after-hour safety
  • Spot aggressive behavior – use of sound & video to send for assistance

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