Construction PSaaS Solutions

The YourSixOS pure cloud solution supports Construction sites to ensure materials, equipment, and workers are protected and monitored around the clock. The convergence of Cloud monitoring, integrated access control, and event notifications allow for real-time monitoring, intervention, and incident capture to protect you from theft, arson, vandalism, and unwarranted claims from employees and the public.

Construction Sites REQUIRE physical security solutions to protect against loss of equipment and materials leading to delays and increased costs. The YourSix solution is a simple, redundant, scalable, and secure platform that provides security allowing jobs to stay on track.

Ruggedized Asset Protection

  • Surveillance can be deployed to protect high-value assets and safely store security footage in the cloud.
  • Traditional servers and NVRs are not built to withstand the tough environments of job sites.
  • Y6OS provides construction organizations with reliable and effective ways to protect a job site.

Security Deployed and Viewed from Anywhere

Many job sites benefit from surveillance or access control well before power or internet connectivity is in place. YourSixOS is optimized for a seamless experience over remote connectivity using solutions such as solar-power and LTE or satellite-based connectivity. YourSix solutions “beat the box” by eliminating servers.

  • Review multiple job sites remotely
  • Project managers and leadership can check in on any job site, at any time

Safety as a Top Priority

  • Ensure workers remain safe with live monitoring from anywhere
  • Lower injury incident rates using sound and video triggered alerts
  • Provide post-incident analysis and review
  • Allow only authorized staff access to designated areas

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