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As an award-winning PSaaS provider, YourSix combines all aspects of physical security delivered as a service by a single trusted security partner. Our cloud solutions enable the seamless convergence of video surveillance, access control, audio technologies and video monitoring so partners can more intelligently safeguard their customer’s most important assets.

Meaning of “YourSix”

“Your Six” is a phrase commonly used in the Military and Law Enforcement. It originated in World War I with fighter pilots referencing the rear of the plane as their six.

It later evolved to being used anywhere in combat; For example: “watch my six” or “I’ve got your six” to reference “watch my back” or “I’ve got your back” respectively. A simple explanation is to consider yourself standing in the center of a clock, whereas the 12 o’clock is in front of you and the 6 o’clock is behind you.

YourSix is a service-disabled veteran-owned business whom takes pride in our history. The name YourSix is a nod to having our customer’s back from a security standpoint as well as our dedication to the customer experience.

For companies looking for a trusted cloud security partner… We’ve Got Your Back!

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